FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is Premium BOT?

Premium Bot is an automated trading software for Bitmex. It detects Bitmex Premium Signals and makes automatic trade on Bitmex exchange as per the leverage & quantity selected by you.

Q: Do I need to every time set the leverage & quantity?

No, you just need to set the leverage on your Bitmex account once & set the quantity on the Premium BOT once which is all you need to do.

Q: What about Stop Loss & Take Profit?

Premium BOT automatically trades as per the Stop Loss & Take Profit. It has an excellent inbuilt mechanism through which it closes the trade very early to prevent any kind of losses.

Q: What is Independent Trade and how does it works?

Bot has an in-built AI, which tracks and detects trends, volumes other indicators and makes best Independent trades as per the leverage set, with excellent success rates.

Q: What do I get after making the payment?

You get access to one of the largest Premium Bitmex Community as well as access to the most powerful Premium BOT for Bitmex

Q: Can we also run the BOT through VPS or VPN?

Yes, you can easily run the BOT through VPS or VPN. Once you set it up on VPS/VPN, then see your Bitmex account grow consistently

Q: What are the system requirement for Premium BOT (Bitmex)

Bot works on Windows, Linux and MAC. Single click setup with help videos and tutorials.

Q: What assistance I get to setup the BOT

Online assistance provided via Emails, Skype, Teamviewer and Telegram. One of our expert connects with you to guide you with the installation which just takes few minutes.

Q: I am very new to Bitmex, can I get one on one live session?

Yes, we also offer live one on one session with our Bitmex experts. You may contact our support executive and get more details on it.